Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy For

A Privacy Policy is a lawful document. It gives a detail of how a website stores, shares, gathers and sells data about its visitors. This data commonly includes address, birthday, marital status, user’s name, consumer behavior, and medical history.

Our Website cares about the secrecy of the images/data shared by the users with us. We are devoted to protecting the privacy of our clients. With such a privacy policy, Our objective is to give proper knowledge to our clients concerning the data or information we collect from them and how we use it.

We have unified this policy of privacy for the users who are bothered about how their “(PII) Personal Identification Information” can be used online. It is suggested to all users to read this policy of privacy clearly and carefully. And understand how we handle, collect, or use your PII according to our site and services.

Information Collection

Whenever a client connects or interacts with our site or services, we collect single information or associate with other data in order to recognize you (personal data). We may also gather some information that is kept somehow that can not be linked back to you.

The only information gathered by our website is when the user uploads images in our reverse image search service.

Use of Data

The data which is entered by users on our site is not directed by any of our employees. The only data which is required from the users is the uploading of images to display and retrieve the desired results.

The images entered by clients on our site are not used by our site commercially or transmitted to a third party. After a certain period of time, the user’s data is removed from our site.

User’s Data Security

Our website is devoted to protecting the smartness of the user’s information and takes the basic protection to undertake it. Thought, it would be kept in mind that internet data broadcast can not be guaranteed to be 100% safe. whether it is wireless or wired.

We can not assure the security of the information provided by our clients to us including personal information and user content. For protected data transactions, Our website uses industry-standard encryption which is generally referred to as an (SSL) secure socket layer.

Does Ever Share my Information?

With the time we receive your data, it is stored on our services with a combination of technical, physical, and logical security measures. Our website never shares your data and information with any third party. And also it does not store your information for personal use.