Facebook Image Search


Facebook is known to be one of the biggest social media platforms amongst users of all generations. Be it our grandparents or parents or us, all of us have used Facebook at some point. Some of us are still using it as one of the most expressive platforms among many others. 

Facebook changed how we looked at contacts before, and social media was just Facebook at a point in the past. Now, things have escalated and we have a lot more to explore in our hands. Despite that, Facebook remains the trial platform for anyone who wishes to be socially active.

As time has passed, Facebook also has changed from what we knew it as in the beginning. It is not the simple app anymore where all you can do is send friend requests. One could not imagine using a feature called Facebook image search to find people online. It exists and has been a helpful feature among many others. 

What is the Facebook Image search?

When one hears of a feature called Facebook Image search, the question that instantly comes to mind is, what exactly is it for? This Image search is an option that helps you find the profile of a person and more, through the image you would be uploading.

There are millions of users that are currently active on Facebook, and you can find information about them or their profile if you have the right image with you. 

In a way, FB image search is a reverse image search tool where you simply use an image to do your search, unlike the regular way. It is much like your Google reverse image search, only that it is for a very specific use related to Facebook.

There are advanced search options as well which are available with this feature, which helps you narrow down your research to specific names or profiles. This adds on, although it is provided by limited tools only. 

How do you use Facebook Image Search?

The next question that comes to mind about this feature is, how do you actually go about finding a profile or anything else through an image? It seems like a difficult task to accomplish unless you have tried, although, in reality, it is actually not. 

The process of reverse Facebook image search is similar to any other reverse search. You have to upload a picture if it’s saved in your gallery or use a URL, if available. There are certain aspects you must know about this feature which makes it extremely different from your any other reverse image search, say Google Images search. 

Ways to find a Facebook profile through an image

The real task that the Facebook image search was built for is to find profiles using images. So many times, we find pictures of people in various places but have no clue about who they are. For getting these insights, Facebook is a great option because almost everyone uses it today. There are many ways in which you can accomplish this task very easily. 

Search using the Photo ID

You will come across a lot of pictures that have been taken from Facebook itself, but you need to find the account from where you downloaded the picture. All Facebook images have an image ID in their filename because of the download. When you open the image in the browser, follow these steps to find the profile. Whether you find the user’s profile or not will also depend on the user’s privacy settings. 

Search using Google

The image reverse search is also possible through Google, but you will have to look into a little more than usual to find the right account. The procedure is similar to the usual reverse image search but there are a few add ons. 

Search using Advanced Facebook search

The usual image search options you use will only help you to find the account that the image is related to. With advanced tools that are available on a few websites, you can search for a lot more than just the profile.

With the help of such an option, you can add keywords like events, school, surname and much more to make your search even more customized. This is better than the keyword you have to put in the Facebook app because it is much simpler and easier. 

Why Reverse Image Search is different

As explained above, there are some basic methods that you can use to look for profiles using images. Except for these, there are many online tools that help you do the same. These tools are websites mostly because other ways like extensions and plug-ins don’t work the best. We have the best online tool for you here, which is popular as well among users. 

Reverseimagesearch.us is one of the most reliable websites, except for the tools we have seen, for Facebook image search. Technically, it is for many other platforms, but it has an image search segment which is extremely useful and does the job perfectly. The reason it is very useful is that it will show you all the online platforms where the image appears. You can follow this procedure and find profiles through any image.

Another benefit of using a Reverse Image search is that it is compatible with both your phones and personal computers. Also, it is an online tool so it is accessible through any type of device. It is not like websites that open only on phones or desktops etc. You can follow these steps to use the website on different devices you might own. 

As experienced by most users, Reverse image search doesn’t confuse them with keywords, etc. like a few options that are available to do the task. All you need to do when using their online FB search image is to upload the URL or the image itself. There is no add ons to this as you will be easily able to find similar images and websites that house the image you have uploaded. 

Using Reverse Image search on various devices 

There isn’t much of a difference when it comes to using an online tool like Reverse image search on your phone or desktop. There are only certain benefits that come with both of them while both have their own cons as well. You can still follow up on the steps you would have to follow when using any of those so that you can easily glide through, no matter which device. 

Search on Desktop

Using a desktop is a piece of cake as compared to using a phone when it comes to using websites, especially. You have the advantage of a bigger screen and easy use. Hence, a lot of people prefer using Reverse Image search on their personal computers so that they can open more tabs simultaneously and use them as well. 

Search on Mobile phones

The benefit of using a phone is that you have it with you at all times. You might not have your desktop with you always so you can use your phone to get the search done anywhere. It is equally easy to do on any of your mobile phones. 

Why use FB Reverse Image Search?

Reverse image search is something that has really gained popularity in recent times because of useful the feature has proved to be for the users. It is something that one would connect to Google immediately, but there are many platforms that offer the facility now. Almost all social media pictures can be traced back to their profiles through some online tool or another. 

Despite all the popularity, some people still question the relevance of such a tool and why do we really need it in today’s time. The truth is that it is a lot more than just using an image for search. As more content creators are being churned out through social media, this feature is becoming more relevant for them and us. Some of the best uses of the feature have been listed for you here. You might want to try it for yourself. 

Finding long lost friends

The best use of a reverse image search facilitated for Facebook is that you can actually find people you know through images. You would someday find your high school images and would wish to look up all the people in the image. That picture being uploaded on Facebook by any of those people is a chance you would have to take. 

Reporting accounts

So many times, we see fake images being uploaded on Facebook or being misused by accounts. If it’s a public account, you can very easily trace the image back to the account and actually help take down the account. So many users have used Facebook image search for this purpose. 


In a true sense, you can use this feature for Networking as well. If you find the account which actually uploaded the image that might be related to your profession, then that could be a potential professional connection as well. This way you could also find many user accounts and improve your networking skills.