Reverse Image Search

Reverse Image Search: An innovative technology

Image searching made easy with a simple process of copy-pasting the URL or by uploading the image to find all the relevant data.

Image Search App

With image searching app, you can find similar images, different sizes for the same image, or web pages that contain the said image. That is how their image search works. 

Google is a prevalent search engine as it is the primary choice for the majority of people around the globe. However, according to Google’s policies, they are allowed to store your search data for up to seven days, or more depending on the scenario. You will not be able to delete them by clearing your history, and they claim to use it to improve their services. In other words, privacy may be compromised as they are keeping track of everything you search for.

How to Search By Image? Ways to use the Tool

The engine works conveniently on any platform, from windows and computers to smartphones, Androids, and iOS. It follows a simple process of uploading an image from the respective device or copy-pasting the URL in the bar to initiate the search procedure. 

Search by URL: Copy and paste the URL of the image and then click on “Search Similar Images” button, it will initiate the search.

Search using image: Click on choose file and browse through your collection to upload the image you want to search. Then click on the same “Search Similar Images.” It will offer the results.

How to search by image? After the initiation, the tool will ask you to choose from Google, Bing, or Yandex. Once your selection the option, it will start providing results immediately. 

There are also additional features at play here. Before offering the results, the tool also works rapidly to scan the details of the image. It detects the modules used, cameras, or other equipment the image was produced in, names, dates, and other important details. By considering these details, it will be able to offer more relevant searches. All of these processes take place within seconds while you offer no distortion or lag in the performance. If it does not find the data related to such details, it will continue searching the internet. 

Our platform is free to use and does not require you to register with us or log in anytime. 

Compatibility of image search engine

In the booming digital age, where new devices are hitting the market, it is important to remain versatile. As such, our reverse image search is prevalent in any platform. It is compatible with Android, iOS, and windows, covering all the devices flexibly. Most of the websites and applications are available at the tap of the fingertips because smartphones are the most accessible devices. Hence, we offer a smooth interface for the uses of mobile devices. It is easier to search for your images and even deduce if any other source or person is using your image online with our image searching tool.

Search for Photos on Personal Computer (PC) Desktop:

Searching on the desktop has its benefits. You have more results on a single page, and there are pictures with higher resolution as the engine will be offering results for the desktop. Relatively, it is also easier to save images on the desktop to your desired directory, unlike mobile phones, where the function is not available in all of the browsers.

How to reverse image search on Desktop:

  • Visit the website to search using image.
  • To search with URL. Right-click and copy the Source (URL) of the image.
  • Alternatively, you can open the picture in a new tab and get the link from the browser.
  • For image upload, click on ‘Choose File,’ and it will open a smaller window
  • The smaller window is directory to your desktop. Browse through
  • Select the image and click ok. It will upload.
  • After uploading, click ‘Search Similar Images.
  • Results will appear

Image Search Mobile 

Smartphones offer ease of screenshots. It is easier for users to take screenshots of the image, object, and other things on the display that they like. Most of the people tend to use smartphone image search to find matching items on the internet and gain more information. Usually, it is related to market sales of the item, or food and where would it be available, including recipes and such.

For conducting image search on the Android: (search by image on Phone)

  • Use multiple tabs, one to open the Reserve Image Search Tool, and other for the images
  • Copy the image’s URL by long-tapping on the image, or open it in the new tab to copy from the address bar
  • Paste the URL in the bar and initiate the search
  • For uploading, you can click on ‘Choose File’ and follow the procedure. 
  • Alternatively, you can also upload a screenshot of the image, if you don’t have the original.
  • Click on ‘similar search image.’ And voila, you’re done.

Welcome to Reverse Image Search

Internet is a vast place where data consistently collects at an alarming rate. People upload images every day, millions, even billions of new images. Some people even use similar images. There might be an image that caught your eyes or some object in it, which you want to learn about more. You might be interested in visiting the source or finding similar images. However, it is not easy to shuffle through all of these google images, go to the timelines, or manually work your way. It is time-consuming, strenuous, and almost impossible. Hence, Reverse Image Search is the most useful tool at your disposal.

Whether you are looking for an image with different size options or collecting information, Reverse Image search will make your work easy. Use the URLs, or upload the image; there will be results correlating to your input. While there are popular search engines like Google and Tin, this engine specifically focuses on image search options and consistently improves it to offer the best services to the users. 

Similar Image Search

The similar image search, or the reverse image tool that we offer, is a platform where users do not have to depend on the keywords. Unlike google, bing, and other platforms, you don’t have to type words to define the image. You can easily upload the image to find visually similar images. It is a perfect tool for those who have a particular taste in the visuals. You can also find similar-types of images, food items, and other images. There are many reasons to conduct searches via uploading images.

Similarly, Similar Image Search also offers search through URL. By posting the URL, you don’t have to go through the extensive task of saving and then uploading the image. That aspect of the process is automated after the URL posting. All you have to do is wait for the results to appear. Thus, you will gain all the information regarding the said image that is available on the wide world of the internet.

The Popularity of Reverse Image System

Initially, Google introduced the option to search for images via keywords and other inputs in early 2000. People cherished the feature, and other search engines followed along. A decade later, modern innovation required better options and features. Thus, the introduced google image search engine to the world. A way to upload images and search.

At first, the feature seems irrelevant, but as people started to move into the world and use images to search, they acknowledged its importance.  The platforms that offer image searching usually integrate CBIR or QBIC (Content-Based Visual Information Retrieval or Query by Image Content) algorithm and features. It enables the tool to scan the images, use colors, strokes, pixels, and other contents of the image to search for similar images, which is why sometimes you may find similar images completely different, as they use colors and other aspects in similar quantities.

However, there is often a question about the importance and relevance of such a tool. What is its importance, and why should one use it if they already have an image? There are several reasons for one to use image search engine.

Uses of Reverse Image Search

  • Easy to find an apartment: Usually, new constructions, apartments, or flats on lease are accompanied by an image. If you like the images of the apartment and would be planning to buy one, but cannot find more information, our tool can be very useful. Not all sites for searching for apartments online are free, and you have to pay a membership fee. With the use of our tool, you can easily click on the image and get the information you need. Buy your new home with a few clicks and find the perfect place to stay.
  • Find information on Products: Whether you are shopping online for a party or casually or you have just stumbled across a superb piece of furniture by chance and do not know where to buy it from. There are high chances that the information provided with the image would answer your query and lead you to the shop of your choice. Be it a wedding dress, jewelry, or home ornaments, do a thorough search before you buy stuff.
  • Learn New recipes: Seen an image of your favorite dish, baked cake or sweetener, and standing with tongues out but not getting the recipe? Just do a search, and there are high chances it would redirect you to a blog post made in one of the several recipe sites. Out of the millions of images, this search image online would provide you authentic data related to your image, and you could use the recipe at your home.
  • Find out about celebrities: Not many people can recognize all celebrities once they see them on television and would want to know more about their work if they like what they are watching. A simple click of the TV screen and uploading the image on our tool could enable you to get more information about the celebrities and from a wide range of movies of serials.
  • Ditch Spam Images: Social network is full of images which may have been taken in a completely different place than it claims to be. If you want to find out more, search, and remove the junk and spam pictures. Also, find out the authenticity of the user and prevent annoying messages or friend requests. Particularly matrimonial sites, where this search makes the best use to rule out fake profiles and stay safe.
  • Get Access to high-resolution Image: By searching an image that may have been posted in a blog or social site, you can get access to a high-resolution image and download for wallpaper and screensavers. You can get the image with clarity and high resolution and store it as part of the image collection.
  • Helps in Identification of plants and animals: Species identification can be cumbersome, especially of plants and animals, and accurate data can only be found from reliable resources. When you come across any new plant species, flowers, or birds, you may want to know more about them. Just take an image and put for reverse image search, and you would get to know of the particular species in detail. It is very useful, particularly for students and scholars and researchers in the field of science.
  • Track your posts: You might also be a photographer or a content writer and may have posted original photos on blogs or social media. You would want to know where your pictures are being used. Try, and this would provide you with the details reverse picture lookup.
  • Facebook Image Search: With our tool, you can find related images of your needs. For example, someone sent you fake photos, and you want to confirm that these are fake are not. You have to upload those photos on our Facebook Image Search tool, and we will provide you complete information that those photos are copied or not.
  • Instagram Image search: A lot of people nowadays are using fake images on Instagram. You can check images here on our tool.
  • To report fake accounts or impersonators: Some people or bots, use the image of a different person. It is an impersonation, illegal, and there are often fake accounts by it that may cause problems to the original owner of the image. The reverse image tool is really helpful in finding these problems.
  • Copyright claims: You can discover the source of the image to ensure you’re not under the trouble of a copyright strike by using the said image. Similarly, you can also search for the images originally owned by you, and if someone else is using them, you can make the copyright claim and get it removed.
  • Digital Marketing: From checking plagiarized content to using images with credible sources and tagging them, images also help in SEO optimization in a mannerisms similar to keyword searching. 

Reverse image lookup is a very helpful technique and can provide all the information on the image you would have liked, differentiate between fake and original, and acquire all details.

Search By an Image in an Easy Way

Finding the source of an image has been made easy, and the top sites which provide this service are Google, TinEye, and Pinterest. You can identify the source, obtain a higher quality version of the image, or more information on the image itself by searching on these sites.

How to search an image on google? You need to visit the site and click on the camera icon and upload the image or drop the URL. This feature is also available for iPhone users. Similarly, you can also search the image in TinEye, and all the information will come pouring right in front of you with a few clicks.

You could also install a Firefox extension for direct search, and in turn, you could right-click on the image and select the option Search Google for the image. Our tool has made this even easier by these methods. Tin Eye users can also make use of Google and Chrome extensions and access the image readily.

An image search can be taken to a completely different level by ImgOps, which combines many reverse image tools under a single platform. By dropping the image in the URL, you could search picture on Google, TinEye, Bing, Reddit. Moreover, it also helps you to format the image and store it as a completely different format than the one available or even search for hidden data.

When Google or TinEye can’t provide you enough data, you could drop the image in an EXIF viewer, which allows you to get additional information on by whom and where the image was taken. However, if the image has been stripped of the EXIF data, this option won’t be much of a use. The Firefox extensions and Google search engines provide the best resources for finding matching images.

Users of Reverse Image Tool

We’ve already elaborated on the reason for using the tool, but what kind of users do we get or allow? You’re free to use our tools, as long as it is not being abused for illegal activities. We humbly ask the users to keep the platform clean and only utilize its benefits for legal searching. 

It is a prevalent tool for the following groups:

  • Mobile users for quick searches. Especially those who want to collect images from other databases.
  • Digital Marketing Companies help their clients get credits for the images they produced, that some other website or company are using. 
  • It is a useful tool for developers and individuals seeking high quality images.
  • Artists, Photographers, and producers of the images seeking platforms utilizing their images without authorization.
  • Those who are seeking the root source of the picture.
  • Anyone looking for images online
  • Authenticating the image of a person and preventing impersonation

Privacy and Content Safety

Unlike other searching tools available online, like Google, that stores data for seven or more days, we follow no such policy. Hence, your data is safe with us. We value the privacy of our users, and their data is deleted after they have conducted their searches. As we strive to improve image searching, we do not need the data to enhance any other services. You can rest assured with us that your content is secure.